Culture of High Expectations

Cristo Rey Miami High School has high expectations for behavior, character, and habits of study. Every student at Cristo Rey Miami High School has the right to an excellent education. We establish an environment that fosters maximum learning and mutual respect while avoiding distractions and negative influences. Students are expected to be respectful of the educational process and to take responsibility for their own learning. We work with our students to build their Scholarly Identity.  We believe that consistent strong effort, professional demeanor, and distinguished academic performance lead to success in college and beyond.

Student Code of Conduct

Cristo Rey Miami High School holds the student body to the highest expectations. These expectations range from the school campus and its surrounding community to the Corporate Work Study Program workplace and any place or situation where you can be identified as a Cristo Rey Miami High School student. By signing this agreement, I am confirming that I have read this document and that I am committed to following this agreement on a daily basis.

I understand that I must, at all times, respect the core values of Cristo Rey Miami as put forth by the administration, faculty and staff. I understand these values can be found in the Handbook.

I understand that I have a responsibility to cooperate with those around me and respect their individual differences, thoughts, feelings, faith and opinions.

I understand that every student has a right to a high quality education. I will respect all teachers, staff, and students regardless of differences of opinion. When instruction is occurring I will engage myself in learning and avoid disturbances and disobedience.

I understand that each job partner worksite is a place of business. I realize that I must follow their individual norms regarding timeliness, behavior, decency and appearance. I understand that I must handle myself professionally at all times.

I understand that Cristo Rey Miami is a community safe from physical and verbal abuse. I must avoid vulgarity, bigotry, bullying, cyberbullying and harassment.

I understand that Cristo Rey Miami is part of a community, and I will respect that community, its surroundings, and the people who live within it. I will treat this community with the utmost respect.

I understand that, as a student of Cristo Rey Miami, being on time to start my day and begin each class is extremely important, and it requires my full compliance.

I understand that I am to comply with and respect the uniform policy of Cristo Rey Miami. I will wear the uniform correctly and with pride.

I understand that I have a responsibility to take care of and respect the property of Cristo Rey Miami, including the building and campus. I will not, in any way, vandalize, deface or destroy the building or the campus.

I understand that there is a correct and proper way to resolve conflict at Cristo Rey Miami. I realize that I should seek the assistance of an administrator, school counselor or faculty member to help resolve any problems that have occurred. I understand that all conflicts must be resolved without the use of violence.

I understand that at no time is it acceptable for me to be in possession of weapons, drugs, alcohol or other contraband while on the Cristo Rey Miami campus or the community surrounding the campus.

I understand that all of my schoolwork must be my original creation. I will avoid plagiarism. My classwork, homework, assessments and projects are products of my original thought unless correctly documented to reflect otherwise.