Counseling Services

The Counseling Department is committed to assisting all students and their families in meeting the demands of high school and in managing difficult situations that may arise in school, at home, or in the community.  Counselors assist students in understanding their abilities and interests and in formulating and achieving realistic goals and acceptable personal and social behavior. This comprehensive counseling program seeks to meet the personal, academic, college and career needs of our students. Through counseling, all students will develop the grad-at-grad characteristics of being Resilient and Trustworthy.

Mental Health Counseling

The well-being of our students is one of Cristo Rey Miami’s priorities. Our counseling department will focus on creating a safe place where students can talk openly about their personal issues or challenges and get support in problem solving.

Guidance Counseling

Cristo Rey Miami is committed to working with all students to ensure that they are prepared for college and challenged to reach their full potential.  Our students and families will have the opportunity to work with a college counselor to help select appropriate schools and guide them through the application process.

  • College Interest Checklist

  • Scholarship Information (Junior Senior Year add on)

  • Career Awareness Survey

  • Opportunities to meet with college representatives

  • Guidance and information for Dual Enrollment and Summer programs

College Counseling

The selection of a university can be the most important decision made in the life of our students and their families. Because of the importance of this, students and parents will engage in a four-year counseling program to ensure that students and parents are well-informed about the college selection process. The college counseling department will facilitate learning sessions, college fairs and visits, application and financial aid workshops for students and their families.

Chrysalis Health is proud to be one of the leading providers of behavioral healthcare services for children, adolescents, adults, and families.

Founded originally in 1995 as a small behavioral health group home for children, The Chrysalis Center began providing a full range of community mental health services in March, 1999. Over time, Chrysalis Health evolved in response to a growing need for effective behavioral healthcare for children and families in our community. Chrysalis was founded on the concept of developing quality services for those in need, where services were void or lacking.

Counseling Services Request Form