Faith and Spiritual Journey

Romans 12:9-18 - Love one another, contribute to the needs of others, live peaceably with all.

1 Peter 4:8-11 - Serve one another with the gifts you have received.

Psalm 122 - Peace be with you! For the sake of the Lord, I will seek your good.

Faith is the foundation of a mission that welcomes and includes individuals of all faiths and backgrounds. Cristo Rey Miami is a Catholic school, that serves as a place of personal discovery for students, faculty, staff, and our communities where everyone strives to become his or her best self.  We challenge each other to grow spiritually through daily prayer, reflection and devotion and by giving graciously of ourselves. Cristo Rey Miami encourages students to joyfully share the gifts and talents discovered here for the betterment of their community and beyond. 

Our school fosters a culture of faith, hope, purpose, service, and spiritual growth through our dynamic retreat program, our communal worship, theology curriculums, and our community service initiatives.  On a daily basis, our faculty and staff commit themselves to being open and honest witnesses of faith and to encouraging our students to be witnesses to one another, their families, and the community. Our school community knows that our gifts and talents are truly realized when we share them with our community and the world.

Cristo Rey Miami High School believes in walking together with its students and families.  Our students engage in a monthly school mass, and several community masses with our families.  Our students also engage in an annual retreat program that is utilized to spiritually grow the mind, body, and soul each student.  In addition to spiritual and faith formation, our students believe service is an integral part of changing the world. Cristo Rey students have an annual service requirement that is a part of their Theology curriculums.