Campus Ministry

A Catholic School for Students of All Faiths

The Campus Ministry department and the activities they plan encourage students to live out their faith in their communities. Our goal is to promote the spiritual growth of our students and our school community. Ours is an environment that respects the religious diversity of our community and fosters mutual respect for all faiths. 


The Office of Campus Ministry plans and facilitates our community worship services. The majority of these liturgical services take place in the form of Roman Catholic Mass, but we also invite outside religious leaders from other faiths to lead prayerful gatherings. Students have the opportunity to be involved in planning and leading worship through Eucharistic ministry, music ministry, and lectoring. 


Retreats are an important part of promoting the spiritual growth of students, faculty, and staff. Campus Ministry facilitates retreats at least once a year for each grade level. All students are required to attend their grade’s retreat. These retreats are held at school, off campus, on weekends, or overnight.