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Work Study Program (CWSP) » Overview


At Cristo Rey Miami High School every student takes a full course load of college preparatory coursework for four years, as he/she participates one day each week in a four-year Corporate Work Study Program to fund the majority of his/her tuition. Through this program, every student works in a professional business setting.

The Cristo Rey Miami Corporate Work Study Program, which is separately incorporated, will operate as an employee leasing agent, in which the students are employees of the Work Study Program, not the Corporate Client. The Work Study Program staff will handle all payroll, W-4, I-9, Workers’ Compensation, FICA, FUTA and other employer issues for the students. The fee charged to the company is deducted as a business expense, not a donation.
Students at Cristo Rey schools work in job-sharing teams of four to cover a standard business week, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., during the school-year. The academic schedules are structured so that students are available to work without missing a class.