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Become a Partner

Letter from the Team


Welcome to Cristo Rey Miami High School Corporate Work Study Program.  Thank you for taking the time to find out more information about this wonderful way of partnering with our school and The Cristo Rey Network.


Every Cristo Rey student carries a full course load of rigorous college preparatory coursework while working five 8-hour days each month at one of our Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) business partners. Our corporate partners are in industries including healthcare, consulting, information technology, consumer goods, financial services, engineering, architecture, law, education and non-profit organizations.


Our 10-month school year means our students gain valuable experience at their CWSP workplaces without missing any scheduled classes. Besides providing our students with an innovative way to fund the majority of their college prep education, their CWSP experience reinforces critical thinking and organizational skills that complement our work with them in the classroom.


The CWSP experience provides students a platform to apply what they are learning and make connections to the world of work. Students also develop professional relationships that encourage success in college and throughout their lives.

Thank you for joining the family, 
Amelie Ferro, Director of Corporate Work-Study
Tahirah Smith, Associate Director of Corporate Work-Study


Become a Job Partner

The Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) at Cristo Rey Miami seeks Corporate Work-Study Partners with full-time, entry-level positions for our students. Our bright and motivated young professionals are trained and ready to perform administrative tasks such as filing, copying, faxing, mail room support, data entry, and reception.


Because Cristo Rey provides job screening, support, training, and transportation to and from work, business participation is easy. 



Benefits of the program


A Cost-Effective, Flexible Solution: 

  • One team of four students costs less than one full-time employee
  • Students are employees of the CWSP, not the Job Partner. The CWSP therefore handles all employment issues such as Workers' Compensation, Social Security, Medicare and tax withholding, as well as payroll, legal and tax paperwork.


A Reliable, Trained Workforce: 

  • The fee-for-service contract guarantees Job Partners a workforce for 9 months, stabilizing high turnover entry-level positions.
  • New students attend a five-week Business Training Institute at Cristo Rey Miami to prepare for their assignments.
  • Students are transported to and from work by Cristo Rey Miami.


An Investment in the Future: 

  • The talent pipeline of Miami—and your company—is enhanced by identifying and training future employees.
  • Participation in a high profile national program builds goodwill.
  • Many aspects of your community are improved by creating opportunities for deserving young people.


Your company can make a tremendous difference in the lives of our students, offering them the opportunity to contribute to the success of your organization and to gain meaningful work experience, a valuable education, and marketable job skills as they prepare for their future. 


To begin a conversation about how your company can work with Cristo Rey Miami and our Corporate Work Study Program, please contact Amelie Ferro, the Corporate Work-Study Program Director or Tahirah Smith, the Corporate Work-Study Program Associate Director.