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About the Cristo Rey Network

The Cristo Rey Network® is the only network of high schools in the country that integrate four years of rigorous college preparatory academics with four years of professional work experience through the Corporate Work Study Program. Comprised of 37 Catholic, college- and career-preparatory schools that today serve 12,000 students across 24 states and collectively claim 18,000 graduates, the Cristo Rey Network delivers a powerful and innovative approach to inner-city education that equips students from families of limited economic means with the knowledge, character, and skills to transform their lives.
As the largest educational organization in the U.S. serving exclusively youth from families with limited economic means, the Cristo Rey movement empowers students to fulfill their life's dreams. Their success impacts numerous lives - the students, their friends and siblings, parents of students, and the broader community.
Cristo Rey schools are among the fastest growing small businesses in their neighborhoods and bring stability and growth, employment, and community development. A Cristo Rey school enrolling 400-600 students operates on an annual budget of $3-5 million and employs 40-75 individuals. The local economic activity continues to grow when physical additions to the schools or renovations are undertaken. The money generated produces taxes for the cities and counties in which people work and live.