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Full Circle Series: David Turner

"Cristo Rey invested in me in more ways than one. Cristo Rey helped me to not only prepare for college but also to prepare for the workforce." In 2008, David started working for Hoar Construction as a student at Holy Family Cristo Rey Catholic High School in Birmingham, Alabama. Today, David serves as an Assistant Superintendent for Hoar Construction in Atlanta, Georgia.


"At the time, I did not realize the advantage I was gaining with my placement in a corporate setting at the age of 15, but by the time I graduated from Cristo Rey, the results were evident. When I first started working for Hoar Construction, I was a little timid, but I knew how to carry myself thanks to my Corporate Work Study training."

David graduated from The University of Alabama in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He has been assigned to his fifth project with Hoar Construction since graduating from college and has worked in Houston, Nashville, and Atlanta. "It is very rewarding to know Hoar Construction decided to invest in me ten years ago."


David hopes to become a General Superintendent for Hoar Construction one day and dreams of starting a nonprofit to assist formerly homeless and incarcerated adults to find affordable housing and teach them the necessary skills to rejoin the workforce.

"Cristo Rey gave me access to a company that I would not have had at the age of 15. The real-world experience I gained at Hoar construction, while a student at Cristo Rey, is unmatched. There is no other program like it."

Cristo Rey led David to his mentor, Joe Guillaume, retired VP of Hoar construction. "Joe has played a critical role in my life. We met in the teachers' lounge of Holy Family Cristo Rey Catholic High School when I was a student. He was on a site visit and wanted to meet his newest and youngest employee. Ten years later, he now helps me maneuver the construction industry and life."


David's advice to Cristo Rey students: "Follow your passion. If you think that there is something you want to do and you believe that it will benefit you in the future, then go for it. Do not be afraid to fail - failure is a state of mind and is essential to growing into the best version of yourself." Source: Cristo Rey Network