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Corporate Work Study Program Partner Spotlight: KAUFMAN | ROSSIN

Why did Kaufman | Rossin commit to being a Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) Partner?

"I think it’s really important to be a Corporate Work Study Partner.  I’ve been involved in giving scholarships for kids for many, many years. In fact, I received a scholarship myself when I was in college.  Cristo Rey is an amazing organization, and I’m looking forward to helping the kids that come to work with us."

What has your experience been with the Cristo Rey Model?

"I’ve met a lot of the kids that have been through the program, and they have been amazing.  I think the way they approach it, where the kids earn their own education, is important.  Rather than just getting a grant, they’re much more involved, and it’s a much more holistic approach to helping the child be more successful."

What is the benefit to becoming a CWSP?

"The benefit to being a CWSP is we get the satisfaction of helping these young people.  I think there are also going to be some opportunities where we meet some bright young people that might be interested in pursuing accounting careers and being part of our firm."

Would you encourage other Corporations to partnering with Cristo Rey Miami High School?

"I encourage others to take the opportunity to work with these kids and meet these kids who are potential wonderful employees for the organization, while at the same time we are helping these kids and are helping the community.  Absolutely, Cristo Rey is going to make Miami a better place."