The Cristo Rey Miami uniform ensures that every student will dress in a professional, modest, conservative, and safe manner. Cristo Rey’s dress code corresponds to a business, semi-formal, and formal dress. 

When students go to work, students enter professional work environments. Their dress should reflect a high standard of professionalism.  Cristo Rey Miami students distinguish themselves as young professionals, regardless of the particular policy of the sponsoring company.   The student uniform is categorized into two dress codes:

Work day - blazer, oxford shirt, tie, belt, slacks, dress socks, dress shoes

School day - white or gold polo shirt, slacks, belt, dress socks, dress shoes; work day uniform may be worn on school days if preferred.

In addition, students will be required to maintain a professional appearance, which includes, but is not limited to hair style, facial hair, jewelry, accessories, make-up, and hygiene. 

Proper Attire