Principal's Message

Hello Students, Families, and Partners:

It is such an honor to be the Founding Principal of Cristo Rey Miami. As a former student and graduate of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Chicago, the opportunity to found a Cristo Rey school is priceless. My personal experience at Cristo was phenomenal. This program was, and continues to be, a home for my family and I. This is my motivation for making Cristo Rey Miami the best place for our students and families. As your principal, I will deliver and expect communication, hard work, hope, faith, and respect to be at the forefront of everything we do. 

Students and families, along with Cristo Rey Miami HS and our corporate sponsors, will come together to provide a holistic experience that molds our students to be college-ready, and career-prepared. Cristo Rey Miami students will be expected to have an exceptional attendance record. Students will be challenged academically, and will take ownership of their education and future. In addition, I will see that they are cared for socially, emotionally, and spiritually. I hold all of my students to the highest standard, and will help them reach their full potential. Cristo Rey Miami is a place students and families come together to become one supportive family. We will walk together through your journey at Cristo Rey Miami to ensure these students develop into the future leaders of Miami and beyond.

If at any moment you would like to make a suggestion or express a concern, my door is open. I can also be contacted via phone: (305) 209-9089 or email:


Cesar D. Muñoz