Academic Vision

Cristo Rey Miami High School is a college prep school that offers a rigorous faith-based college prep curriculum and a unique Corporate Work Study experience for its students. Cristo Rey Miami values preparing our students for a modern society and workplace through the development of their student agency.  Our instructional philosophy approach is guided by ensuring our students are receiving a relevant education that is culturally responsive and meaningful for success in college and beyond.  

The formation of Cristo Rey students includes academic, social, spiritual, and emotional development. Cristo Rey Miami is committed to preparing students to become leaders in their communities and beyond. The educational experience at Cristo Rey Miami is focused on developing holistic individuals. Our students strive for excellence in their academics, extracurricular activities, and in their workplace. Cristo Rey students believe in leadership, faith, hope, and service. Every course and every activity at Cristo Rey Miami is focused on developing the character of each student. Our culture of care and accountability forms young men and women of leadership. Cristo Rey students build confidence to pursue any opportunity and learn to persevere through all obstacles. 

At Cristo Rey Miami - students have the opportunity to learn like a college student, work like a corporate employee, develop their spirituality, and become a leader in their community and beyond.

Through our transformative educational model, faith development, and Corporate Work Study Program - Cristo Rey prepares its students to be Committed to Justice, Respectful and Responsible, Intellectually Competent, Spiritually Grounded, Trustworthy, Open to Growth, Resilient, Eager to Serve, and Yearning to Succeed.

We Are Cristo Rey!