Cristo Rey Miami High School (CRM) is a college prep school that offers a rigorous faith-based college prep curriculum and a unique Corporate Work Study experience for its students. Cristo Rey Miami believes in preparing our students for a modern society and workplace through the development of their student agency.  Our instructional philosophy approach is embedded in making sure our students are receiving a relevant education that is culturally responsive and meaningful for success in college and beyond.  We believe in using a 21st century instructional model that integrates the use of technology to complement our college prep curriculum. Our instructional program believes in data driven practices to guide teaching, learning, and school culture. Cristo Rey Miami will offer College Preparatory, Honors, Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment courses. Our commitment is making sure our students are college and career ready.

Academic Expectations

• Every student at Cristo Rey Miami has the right to a great education. All behavior in the school should help to establish and maintain an environment which fosters maximum learning and mutual respect. Students are expected to be respectful of the educational process and to take responsibility for their learning.

• In class, students are expected to be active, cooperative learners - listening, asking, and answering questions. Students are expected to help establish an orderly, active learning process.

• Courses from each year must be passed or made up (if needed) during the summer to continue at Cristo Rey Miami the following year. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors with three or more course failures cannot register for the following year. Summer school will be available for students who have received a failure for two or fewer credits during that academic school year. Students with (3) first semester failures will be subject to academic probation, with pending dismissal if second semester grades do not average out the annual grade above a C.  In addition to having an annual average of a C or above, the student must complete a credit recovery project to earn credit for the failed semester. Students who fail a second semester course, but have an average above a C will be required to complete a credit recovery project to earn credit for the failed semester.  Any student who receives 4 or more failing grades during any semester will be dismissed from Cristo Rey Miami. Seniors with a failure in the 1st semester must make up those credits through an online course platform before graduation. Seniors with multiple semester failures in the 1st semester will be dismissed from school.

• All students must meet the State of Florida High School requirements, Cristo Rey graduation requirements, earn all CWSP credits, and maintain a gpa of 2.0 or above to graduate.

Academic Placement

Students at Cristo Rey will participate in college-prep courses. In addition, students will have an opportunity to enroll in AP or Dual-Enrollment Courses. This decision will be based on the following prerequisites: placement exam, courses taken, previous subject area performance, standardized scores, teacher recommendations, standardized scores, a four-year plan targeting a focused area of study in college, or other exceptional circumstances. 

College-Prep Courses - Taking a rigorous academic core can make a significant difference in preparing for and succeeding in college and the workplace. Completion of a high school curriculum of high academic intensity and quality has a significant impact on college completion rates.  Cristo Rey Miami will follow a collegiate-like grading framework where  75% of an earned grade will be based on assessments, projects, and presentations. The remaining 25% will be based on classwork, homework, and professionalism.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses - The rigor of curriculum and instruction in an AP course is seen as a predictor of college success. Some colleges and universities require applicants to have a certain number of AP courses on their transcripts as they apply for admission. All students enrolled in an AP class are required to take the AP exam for the course taken and may need to attend additional classes during the preceding summer.

Dual Enrollment - Cristo Rey Miami High School has secured a partnership with Barry University.  Students will have the opportunity to enroll in such course(s) if they meet the pre-requisite requirements established by the department chair and university partners. 




Cristo Rey Miami believes in closing any educational gaps that may exist for our students. We guide our instruction and tutoring practices with standardized and classroom data. Any student who is demonstrating below college ready proficiency on standardized test or classroom performance is required to participate in tutoring.  Our tutoring program is focused in two areas:

Grade Recovery - will meet every weekday after school from 3:40 – 5:00pm until the student has a grade of C or above in every subject.

Academic Development – will consist of an intense five-week skill development program for Language Arts and Math during the summer preceding freshmen year. In addition, students who continue to need support may be required to attend Saturday tutoring sessions during their freshmen year that focus on skill and concept development. Students will also be required to complete courses and assignments on IXL.  If needed, students will embark in an additional intense two-week skill development program for Language Arts and/or Math during the summer preceding their sophomore and junior year.