The Cristo Rey Miami Academic Program offers students the opportunity to achieve academic excellence through college preparatory courses and learning experiences that will help students get to and through college.

We believe in a collaborative approach to teaching and learning where faculty and students have a shared responsibility to grow together through effective communication, accountability, and strong relationship building. During their time at Cristo Rey Miami, students will be supported, challenged, and prepared to preserve.

Through the development of their scholarly identity, and a cohesive formational experience of rigorous academics, career readiness, and spiritual development, students will become college ready. Our student’s academic preparation will help them develop the grad-at-grad characteristic of being Intellectually Competent.

Scholarly Identity

Our school community is a learning space where students are eager to learn. To assure that all students have a high-quality education, students are:

1.     respectful of every person’s right to a high-quality education.

2.     an active participant in the learning process by:

  • completing assignments and/or assessments with integrity;
  • engaging in dialogue, questioning, and listening to multiple perspectives;
  • and advocating for self, when in need of assistance.

3.    prepared, on-time, and present for all learning experiences



Teaching at Cristo Rey Miami is focused on ensuring that all students succeed academically.  Our teaching is informed by data driven practices to ensure that every student is properly supported and has access to a unique learning experience that is tailored to meet their academic and learning style needs.

Our disciplined use of data begins prior to a student’s first day of Summer Success Institute and continues through graduation. We aim to provide the needed supports for students so they can achieve mastery of concepts learned while at Cristo Rey Miami and become college ready.  Our teaching is meant to be purposeful so that students can conceptualize and apply learned skills in college and beyond.

Academic Supports

Our academic program prepares students for college-level coursework but is student-centered to provide multiple levels of supports and intervention.

Classroom supports include

  • Tier 1: Focus on grade-level instruction for all students.
  • Tier 2: Focus on targeted, small group interventions.
  • Tier 3: Focus on specific, individualized intervention and learning opportunities for students.

Tutoring supports include:

  • Grade Recovery – for students who have are unable to maintain a grade of C or higher in any subject.
  • Academic Development – for students who are below grade-level per NWEA and/or PSAT/SAT  to continue making progress on their individualized college ready growth plan.
  • Academic Enrichment – for students to expand their learning opportunities beyond grade-level content.