President's Message

As the Founding President of Cristo Rey Miami High School I look forward to nurturing the partnership of traditional Catholic beliefs and values with educational innovation. At Cristo Rey Miami we prioritize Catholic identity and mission, inclusive of faith, ethical and character formation. Our community fosters intellectual curiosity while stimulating personal excellence. Students attending will come to us as adolescents and depart our campus as confident adults, prepared for college and ready to pursue the career of their dreams.
We are motivated by the mutual respect, understanding, and encouragement amongst all stakeholders.


"I am inspired to see our community come together to invest in its future and am both humbled and exhilarated, ready to forge a solid foundation for the future students of Cristo Rey Miami."  This is a statement I made in January after accepting the position as President of Cristo Rey Miami, and it is the spirit I intend to carry with me throughout my journey with Cristo Rey Miami. 

I invite you to contact us and learn more about the spiritual, courageous, responsible and contributing global citizens that comprise the student body of Cristo Rey Miami High School.